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About us

The company Kamenivo Nord 1 s.r.o. deals with extraction and processing of minerals from reserved and non-reserved deposits in a surface manner.
For this purpose, we operate three production facilities in Central Slovakia.
  • Jablonové quarry (mineral: limestone) – Bytča district, Žilina region
  • Lopušné Pažite quarry  (mineral: limestone) – Kysucké Nové Mesto district, Žilina region
  • Brehy quarry (mineral: basalt) – Žarnovica district, Banská Bystrica region

With their location, technology and personal potential we can easily address customers in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland.

In the mentioned facilities we provide the extraction of limestone and basalt, and its subsequent crushing into the required types of fractions.

In its production activities, the company follows technological regulations and achieves long-term high quality products that meet European and National standards.

The company’s operations are certified by authorities within legislation of the Slovak Republic, as well as the quality control is inspected only by accredited laboratories. In an effort to comprehensively enhance customer satisfaction we are ready to deliver our production machinery to the place the customer desires.

Aggregates from our production can be used for:

  • Structures in all segments of construction, and for further production of materials (asphalt and concrete mixtures, uncemented and hydraulically cemented structures)
  • Structural layers of the subsoil of rails and switches
  • Waterwork structures
  • Railway constructions
  • Other